Gathering earthquake experts

to tackle challenges!

Importance of EARTH

"EARTH aims to gather the scattered experts and research themes into guided pathways."

Prof. Pennung Warnitchai

Founding Director of EARTH
Asian Insititute of Technology

Hub of Talents

      Earthquake Research Center of Thailand

EARTH gathers experts, academic researchers and its members from both Universities and government sectors.




Academic institutions


Governmental agencies

National Earthquake Symposium

One of the important missions of EARTH is to bring together members and experts, encouraging them to share their ideas, innovations, and support. EARTH is creating a regular event called the 'National Symposium on Earthquake Research,' and it invites scientists, engineers, students, press, and the public to participate in the symposium."

  • Listen to our world-class invited speaker
  • Share the idea with our experts and researchers
  • Meet the people in various research aspects
  • Enhance and create your research networking